Quarantine Times

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

My little family is so lucky to have the space right now to run around and play...giving the neighbors (grandma and grandpa) plenty of space between us. Although this isn't exactly how I thought the beginning of Spring would go.It has given me time to start and finish projects, spend time with my boys, spend time just to myself, and most of all to take a look a what we are eating! I know it sounds stupid but, I am a chef that does quick snacks (not fancy), I am a chef who wishes I didn't have to cook everyday and I am a chef that needed to find time to share my kitchen with my kids. We are trying new recipes and playing chopped for snack time. If you haven't played it is the funnest game and the boys love picking out their snacks. I am challenging everyone to play with us today. Look at your pantry and let your kids pick 4 things....3 healthy items and 1 fun item. See what happens and let them create. You might be surprised what happens.

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